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    此外,Hive提供了多种方式(如命令行、API和Web服务等)供第三方方便地获取和使用元数据并进行查询。今天,Hive已经成为Hadoop数据仓库的首选,是Hadoop不可或缺的一个重要组件,很多项目都兼容或集成Hive。鉴于此,Apache Kylin选择Hive作为原始数据的主要来源。J nR

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    在Apache Kylin界面的“Model”页面,点击“New”→“New Model”命令,开始创建数据模型。给模型输入名称后,选择一个事实表(必需的),然后添加维度表(可选),如图2-4所示。g yx

    Ron / WB4HFN -------------- Original message -------------- From: Garey Barrell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> > > Garey Barrell made an utterance to the drakelist gang > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > Byron - > > OK. Relays take more coil current to "pull in" than they do to "hold > in". It takes a certain amount of current through the coil (pull) to > drag the armature from it's non-energized position to the energized > position. It takes much less current to (hold) it once there, so slight > leakage might NOT be sufficient to pull, but more than enough to hold. > > I don't know of any good way to touch up the panels. The original > "paint" is so thin, (I actually think it is more a dye (anodize?) than > paint, but don't know for sure,) and as a result any sort of paint ends > up looking worse than the mark! For a small mark or two, it might be > possible to just "fill" the mark to the level of the panel, but a string > of numbers would be a real challenge. Never could understand people > that do that sort of thing, especially on the front panel!! > > I just saw your order. There are scans of both the 34-NB and the 34-PNB > manuals, with quite a bit of information, plus I have added a photograph > of the board itself with active components and alignment info > annotated. There is also a Voltage table for the NB, which has not been > previously published. It's really a straightforward design, and most > units in the field benefit from an alignment. > > A lot of the components are common between the TR-3 and TR-4, but every > once in a while they threw in a curve like that cap to keep us off > balance! :-) > > Your CDs will go out tomorrow. Thank you! > > 73, Garey - K4OAH > Glen Allen, VA > > Drake 2-B, 4-B, C-Line & TR-4/C Service Supplement CDs > > > > > Byron Tatum wrote: > > > > "Byron Tatum" made an utterance to the drakelist gang > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > > Hey Garey- > > Thank you for the comments and help. I start nights at work and > > will have several to complete, then I will get back into the TR-4. I > > will measure voltage as you suggest, looking for a slight voltage > > drop. Then I will check out relay itself. > > I am beginning to think that it is the magnetizing of pole piece > > and relay wear that is the problem. If it was a leakage to ground on > > the 6EV7 pin #1 lead you might think the set would go into TX on its > > own (relay energize) every now and then, of which I have never saw it do. > > One other thing- I bought a nice TR-4 from a fellow, based on > > several pictures, but the photo angles, due to glare, covered up (of > > all things) a ham's DL # engraved on the front panel in tiny lettering > > , immediately to the right of "TR-4" on front panel. Do you know of a > > touch up paint that matches the darker grey of that front panel area? > > I got the set for a decent price, it was nice and had the built in > > NB, but had a problem (as advertised). I found T-9 to be burned out in > > center area of coil form. I had a spare T-9 from a parts unit TR-3. > > Thank goodness I opened up the TR-3 T-9 transformer before I installed > > it -- it had a 56 pF cap in it that was not in the TR-4 T-9. Otherwise > > the coils looked the same. Anyway, I clipped out the capacitor and all > > went OK after the repair. That is not a fun repair for sure!! > > CUL, Byron. > > ----- Original Message ----- From: "Garey Barrell" > > To: > > Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 1:46 PM > > Subject: Re: [drakelist] TR-4 TX Hang-Up > > > > > >> Byron - > >> > >> Well things were going well until you pulled the tube out of the > >> socket! :-) > >> > >> There are a limited number of possibilities in that case. The relay > >> coil leads go through the feedthrough bypass caps _under_ the power > >> connector. Of course the relay lead to the 6EV7 is the one UNDER the > >> Jones connector, the last one in the "arc" of feedthroughs there. > >> (C92) There are no more components between this feedthrough and the > >> 6EV7 tube socket. The other relay coil lead goes directly the +250V bus > >> via the next feedthrough cap along the arc, (C91). So the voltage > >> measured at the tube socket pin with the tube out should be exactly the > >> same as the +250V bus. Any drop would indicate leakage. See attached > >> photo from my CD (at reduced resolution). > >> > >> So..... Leaky C92, leaky tube socket, pinched wire. One possibility I > >> have seen a few times is the "down" stop on the relay gets hammered down > >> over the years, allowing the armature to actually touch the pole piece > >> of the coil. The pole piece is slightly magnetized, and if the armature > >> physically is in contact with it, it will "stick". An easy check is to > >> slip a piece of paper in to prevent metal to metal contact between the > >> two. The "down" stop can be bent back up to prevent this contact. > >> > >> Let us know what you find!! > >> > >> 73, Garey - K4OAH > >> Glen Allen, VA > >> > >> Drake 2-B, 4-B, C-Line & TR-4/C Service Supplement CDs > >> > >> > >> > >> > >> Byron Tatum wrote: > >>> Hello- > >>> I have an unusual problem perhaps someone could shed some light on: > >>> I have a TR-4 in 29K serial range that functions normally > >>> except it will not go back into receive, until after approx 30 second > >>> delay, after the mic button is released or the function switch turned > >>> back to "SSB". This condition worsens (longer delay) the more you > >>> frequently you transmit. The sidetone disappears but T-R relay will > >>> not release. > >>> I have tried different known-good 6EV7 tubes, have replaced a lot > >>> of the coupling / bypass caps in T-R circuits, did resistance / > >>> voltage checks, adjusted the VOX / VOX delay controls, tried other > >>> tubes in T-R circuit, etc. to no avail. > >>> What is real curious about this is that while waiting for it to go > >>> back into receive and T-R relay is engaged, IF YOU PULL THE 6EV7 FROM > >>> ITS SOCKET THE T-R RELAY STILL DOES NOT RELEASE. I suspect the issue > >>> is with the lead that goes from T-R relay coil to pin #1 on 6EV7 > >>> (somehow allowing enough leakage to ground?) or could it be the T-R > >>> relay coil itself I made sure socket / pins and all are clean on > >>> 6EV7. > >>> Any help appreciated, thanks. > >>> Perplexed, > >>> Byron WA5THJ. > >>> > >> > > > > > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > > Submissions: [EMAIL PROTECTED] > > Unsubscribe: [EMAIL PROTECTED] - unsubscribe drakelist in > > body > > Hopelessly Lost: [EMAIL PROTECTED] - help in body of message > > Zerobeat Web Page: - sponsored by > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > > > > > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > Submissions: [EMAIL PROTECTED] > Unsubscribe: [EMAIL PROTECTED] - unsubscribe drakelist in body > Hopelessly Lost: [EMAIL PROTECTED] - help in body of message > Zerobeat Web Page: - sponsored by > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- G i W Ld O

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    而Segment Dictionary虽然也是用于精确计算 COUNT DISTINCT的字典,但与Global Dictionary不同的是,它是基于一个segment的值构建的,因此不支持跨segments的汇总计算。如果你的cube不是分区的或者能保证你的所有SQL按照partition column进行group by, 那么最好使用Segment Dictionary而不是Global Dictionary,这样可以避免单个字典过大的问题。x H m爱博体育不会黑钱吧吉祥博彩票平台『1TBH·COM』越南老街赌场叫什么名字20230325.H5c2a3.zc wl W S

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    Apache Kylin 启动后,可以通过浏览器“进行访问。其中,“”为具体的机器名、IP 地址或域名,默认端口为“7070”,初始用户名和密码为“ADMIN/KYLIN”。服务器启动后,您可以通过查看“$KYLIN_HOME/logs/kylin.log”获得运行日志。eH BKylin 的核心思想是利用空间换时间,在数据 ETL 导入 OLAP 引擎时提前计算各维度的聚合结果并持久化保存。c T v

    Wc h That was fun to find! Lee, KC9CDT ************** Need a new ride? Check out the largest site for U.S. used car listings at AOL Autos. ( a E R

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    下面的一组SQL语句,演示了如何使用分区:m oL

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    CUL, Byron. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Garey Barrell" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> O v u

    C Hg激活c e m

    Apache Kylin 主要有 3 个邮件列表,分别是 dev、user、issues。dev 列表主要讨论 Kylin 的开发及新版本发布,user 列表主要讨论用户使用过程中遇到的问题,issues 主要用于追踪 Kylin 项目管理工具(JIRA)的更新动态,订阅的方法请参考 Apache Kylin 邮件群组 页面中的订阅方法。c Cy

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    Apache Kylin系统可以分为在线查询和离线构建两部分。l I d l pn

    开心8官方平台澳门威尼斯人线上游戏『1TBH·COM』28娱乐平台官网20230325.H5c2a3.hr PP v j W dn

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    吉祥坊最新登录首页柬埔寨做博彩会不会抓人『1TBH·COM』v1bet888 net20230325.H5c2a3.d FiVo Z S s L

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    JY u同时,各个维度在Rowkey中的顺序,也会对查询的性能产生较明显的影响。在这里用户可以根据查询的模式和习惯,通过拖曳的方式调整各个维度在Rowkey上的顺序(如图2-17所示)。一般原则是,将过滤频率高的列放置在过滤频率低的列之前,将基数高的列放置在基数低的列之前。这样做的好处是,充分利用过滤条件来缩小在HBase中扫描的范围,从而提高查询的效率。J R K

    NameNode, DataNode ResourceManager, NodeManager HBase Kafka Kylin z s W

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    W nTWe believe that the YouTube Money Calculator is a great place to begin determining your income potential, whether you are an active YouTuber or are considering starting your own YouTube channel. However, at its core, creating on?YouTube is about good storytelling and consistency.Qo j

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